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Harness Harmony at Mealtimes: How to Place Dining Table according to Vastu

Harness Harmony at Mealtimes: How to Place Dining Table according to Vastu

Explores the Vaastu and its principles on dining table positioning, which will help you to design a dining area that will be calm, peaceful and prosperous. The dining table is the most central place for giving food to our bodies and sharing closeness with our dear ones. However, did you know that your table's position has an impact on the energy flow through your home and on your health and dining comfort? Vastu Shastra, the pioneering Indian science of architecture and design holds the key to the answers for the perfect dining area.

Dining Table Placment according Vastu

What is Vastu?


Vastu is an ancient architectural science which is also known as Vastu Shastra originated in India and aims at establishing the synchronicity between spaces and natural elements and universal energies. It looks for spaces that can create opportunities for good health, happiness, and abundance and does this using the flow of the life energy called 'Prana.' Vastu, or Vastu Shastra as it is known, is a concept that means the science of dwellings. It is a practice that gives dwellings (houses) the alignment with the natural energy forces to ensure that everything inside them is placed in the best harmony. 

Why Does Dining Table Placement Matter according to Vastu?

From cooking to eating, the dining room is not just an area where meals are eaten, but it is the location where families are in the place to unite, strengthen connections, and nourish each other physically and emotionally. This, in turn, shows how the placement of a family home has a big role in channelling positivity thereby enhancing interactions between the family members. The dining table is the place for joint meals as well as an interaction which is the key trend in the system of Vastu. It is believed that a central location has direct meaning for the process of digestion, it brings people together in a conversation and therefore affects the general balance of the whole acting team.

How to place dining table

Where to Place Your Dining Table According to Vastu

Ideal Zones:

  • West Zone: Vastu treats the west space, controlled by the Air element (that should be considered as the most favourable position for the dining table) as the most promising location among all the other positions/spaces. People believe that putting this plant at the door allows the positive flow of energy, keeps good digestion, and creates liveliness in conversations.

  • Northwest Zone: While the northwest is a favourable spot as it represents the Water element, the southwest area is also suitable. It has been ascribed the meaning of profuseness and wealth as well, so it would go down well with those, who wish to bring in those features into their own life.

Zones to Avoid:

  • Southeast Zone: The south-southeast space is the one controlled by the Fire element, so usually, it is prudent to avoid dining there. This area is simultaneously considered to be related to arguments and disputes.

  • Southwest Zone: The Southwest area, under the control of Earth - as an element, is connected with stability. Also, the positioning of the dining table in this place needs to be carefully considered since it can cause sluggish digestion and potentially may be a negative influence on financial growth as well.

  • Central Zone: Relishing the backdrop of Brahmasthana, which for the house is the energy centre, means that one can walk up to the main arena. This will naturally create a good energy flow in the area by keeping a balance between furniture and empty spaces.

Place dining Table according to vastu

Considerations for Vastu-Compliant Dining Table Placement

  • Shape: Tables with square or rectangular shapes have more offer stability, and therefore, they represent stability and balance. Round or oval tables as the beautiful, are not functional when there is no definite head job, which is a less welcome feature.

  • Material: Use wooden or marble as the basis of your dining table. Skip the use of glass or metal tables that are considered to cause a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere.

  • Seating Arrangement: During this particular period, the head of the family was required to either sit east or north-facing when eating. Such development is therefore seen to foster integration and harmonious interactions at meals.

  • Tableware: Apply the use of clean and unbroken dishes. The fact that metal cutlery is better than plastic is expressed further.

  • Cleanliness: Ensure that the eating area is kept tidy and without any mess. This acts as a way to supply the restaurant with a positive energy flow and in turn leads to a memorable experience.

  • Lighting: Through the use of soft and diffused light doctors will be able to produce an atmosphere that is pleasing, and welcoming. Avoid harsh overhead lights.

Dining Table With Vastu placement

Benefits of a Vastu-Compliant Dining Table Placement

By adhering to Vastu principles for your dining table placement, you can potentially experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Digestion: A peaceful eating space is thought of as one of the key factors that aids easy digestion as well as the well-being of the digestive system.

  • Enhanced Communication: Positive energy flow can generate more positive discussions resulting in mealtime.

  • Stronger Family Bonding: A dining area that is designed well promotes eating times as a family that may enhance bonding between family members.

  • Increased Prosperity: West and northwest areas, which are to be decorated with dining tables, are auspicious places and represent wealth and favourable events.

  • Overall Well-being: A dining room with a balanced and harmonised colour palette can help occupants enjoy general well-being in the mood.

Shapes to Avoid:

  • Round or Oval Tables: While aesthetically pleasing, these shapes lack a defined head, which is considered less favourable in Vastu. The head of the household traditionally sits at the head of the table, and a round or oval table makes this designation unclear.

Place Dining Table with Vastu

Other Considerations to Avoid:

  • Directly Below Beams: Do not set up a table in a drafty area. This way of eating may produce a sense of overwhelmingness and intimidation for those who pick up their utensils as well.

  • Facing the Toilet Door: By installing the washing machine next to your dining space, you are creating a situation that can cause some unwanted situations in the flow of positive energy present in your dining space. Don’t create a null table in the front of the toilet door.

  • Broken or Chipped Tableware: Utilization of cracked or damaged plates and cutlery is considered to be inauspicious under this school of study. It points to disrespect of food as well as negativity in a person's emotional state or with the room atmosphere.

  • Clutter: When one enters a disordered dining room, one encounters improper forward movement. Continuously be sure that the whole place is in a well-groomed state for more harmony.

  • Harsh Lighting: Instead of downcast overhead lights that result in pale and exiguous areas, switch to softer lights that can create a more warm and welcoming atmosphere. If it comes to this, then make sure you are using soft and diffused lights to introduce a lively and friendly atmosphere.

Keeping these points in mind, design a space in your house according to Vastu principles, which will facilitate the right flow of energy, good digestion, and a peaceful and pleasant dining atmosphere for you and your family.

Bonus Tips for Placing Dining Table with Vastu:

  • Pick out wall hangings and other forms of decoration, which will be pleasing to the eye and heart for the dining area.

  • Put a fruit bowl littered with fresh and plentiful fruits on the dining room table so you can get the positive nuance.

  • Lay natural fibered ones like cotton or linen on tablecloths and napkins.

  • Including a smile on your face and saying a ‘grateful’ word during the meal.

When you do that accordingly, you can transform your dining area into a gathering for serenity and calming meals full of well-being and connection, thus laying strong polls of family love and friendship at home.

How to place dining table with vastu at home

Why Choose WoodenSure for Dining Table According to Vastu?

Vastu Shastra recommends the use of natural materials to purify and make it easy for the good energy wave to flow and WoodenSure Keeps that in mind. Yet, it did not provide wood with a triumph as current dining tables can be made from other recommended materials as well. Here's a breakdown of why natural materials like wood are generally recommended, along with some alternatives to consider: Below, we will get into the major reasons why using natural materials like wood is generally advised before introducing some of the alternatives that can be used too.

Why Natural Materials are favoured in Vastu:

  • Earthy Connection: Nature materials such as wood represent the earth element of the legend of the Earth which is about stability, security, and fertility. This is so because the listed qualities are regarded as beneficial in terms of the dining space.

  • Energy Flow: It seems that the use of natural materials is approved for creating a balanced flow of positive spiritual energy while man-made materials like metal and plastic could give people some kind of aloof or uncongenial feeling when they are inside the room or home with them.

  • Durability: Solid wood dining tables have durability and simple aesthetics that correspond with Vastu philosophy and stress the element of a personal space that promotes people’s well-being over some time.

Considering Alternatives:

While wood offers numerous benefits, here are some alternatives that can also be Vastu-compliant :

  • Marble: An artificial stone-like marble fabric that looks like real marble can also be used. It usually connotes this feeling, chilling effects, crispness and even nobility, thus it is fit for living spaces. For the indigenous people, dark marble shades can disturb the balance and harmony in the household. Therefore, choose lighter varieties of marble to maintain light, capable of designing, operating, and maintaining complex systems.

  • Granite: Essentially the same, granite like marble is a continuously available and naturally occurring material. Select the lighter versions and do not opt for the dark slabs as they may not be harmonious with the surroundings not knowing whether they are heavy or not.

  • Rattan or Wicker: Naturally-occurring products, meanwhile, bring about a lightness and an airy sensation. It is essential to offer natural endings to rattan and wicker using only natural finishes or products to adhere to Vastu principles.

Key Takeaway:

Within Vastu, there is a huge emphasis on using natural materials that inspire feelings of connection, vibrance, serenity and radiance. A wood dining table effectively embodies these criteria, but other eco-friendly alternatives can also qualify for your built-to-measure dining table.

After all, choosing the best dining table material can be influenced by your individual preference or the cost as well as the design concept of your dining space. Since you have chosen the perfect natural material that strikes just the right balance creating an alluring atmosphere, it will be an amazing accessory to your home.


Vastu presents a rare style of space design to benefit the life force flowing. Not to be implying these as a fixed pattern, but acclimating these principles to your dinner setting will accentuate the existing harmony in your space and promote a nourishing atmosphere that is appropriate for a family. Regardless of its design, the focal point is to engineer a place that makes meals or parties with family and friends an entertaining experience.

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